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From time to time we have the ability to release a new product or get ahold of an item at a really great price point. When this happens, we will run a pre-sale. Items in these sales have not yet been ordered from our vendor and are not in stock in our warehouse. 

✨How does it work?✨

Pre-sales run for 48 to 72 hours on our app and in our VIP Shopping group on Facebook. At the close of the time period, all orders placed are consolidated and the order is placed with our vendor. Arrival times for the product vary by vendor, but we typically only offer pre-sales on items that we can get from the vendor within 1 week of placing the order. You will be notified as soon as your item is ready for pick up or shipping from our facility. 

✨Some things to consider✨

  • Since you are pre-paying for an item we do not yet have - if the time comes to place the order with the vendor and we can no longer get that item, you will be refunded.
  • We have varying minimum order amounts with our vendors. If we don't reach that amount with the pre-sale, we will not place the order and all orders will be refunded. 
  • If there is a delay in shipping from our vendor, we will do our best to communicate that with each pre-sale customer. 
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